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Samsung Galaxy Watch SM-R800
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Samsung Galaxy Watch SM-R800

Go for days. Go nonstop for days on a single charge. The wireless charger lets you power up without slowing down.

Made to last. The Galaxy Watch takes on life with military-grade durability, swim-ready water resistance and
Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ that prevents the display from getting scratched.

Everything you need on your wrist Even when your phone isn’t in reach, make and take calls with an integrated speaker and voice mic,
respond to texts, and access scores, headlines and playlists.

More tracking than ever Galaxy Watch automatically tracks select workouts, monitors heart rate and detects when you switch activities.
Get credit for up to 39+ workouts, plus GPS capabilities when you go for a run.

Your daily rundown
See your appointments as soon as you wake up, then track your activities as the day unfolds.
At the end of the day, check your steps plus tomorrow’s schedule and weather.

Pay with your watch. With Samsung Pay NFC compatibility, you can make a payment from your wrist with just a tap.

Smartly connected Control all your connected home devices from your wrist even when you’re not home.
Plus, get the details of a security camera alert from the SmartThings app on your Galaxy Watch.

Android & iOS compatible The Galaxy Watch pairs with both Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth connection.

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